can great pyrenees live in florida

Should he be on a raw diet of chicken and beef or is he too young? My Great Pyrenees drinks excessively. Like table scraps,etc. Adult Pyrs are placid by nature and calm in the house, enjoying quiet periods in which to rest and sleep. The decision as to which sex is yours. I give Russell, our GP rescue of about 2 years, a Blue Buffalo food. They recently moved back home from Canada and I saw this pup for …, People are scared of my Great Pyrenees A lot of people are scared of my great Pyrenees. Puppy Weight My Pyrenees puppy was gaining roughly 1/2 lb a day until 11 weeks of age. A picture's worth a thousand words.4) Review the site before asking questions such as "How big do they get?" I purely ask the question to pass information along to others who …, 6 week old pups outside Is it ok to leave our 9 six week old great pyr pups outside in a 10x10 kennel? and hes gonna have goats to herd To For the last week he’s been showing aggression recently . What is the lowest temperature they can …, Barking Our rescued great Pyr barks very loudly and kind of a lot. What's up with the Pyr paw? Although I gave her a piece of ham and she ate it and she is drinking. Since the previous owner got …, Grooming for newbies! Owning …, cold weather Hi, I am confused about cold weather. Great! I have never owned this breed but know a little bit.I know they are supposed to shed a …, Full Breed or mixed? Any ideas? They are not “attack” dogs, but can be very intimidating to the surprised visitor. He was very beat up …. Do they not need a lot of water and is …. Leaving them alone for long periods of time can cause them to become destructive. Any advise for this solutions? Pair or not to pair? We have several horses and a flock of chickens. Also, I just weighed her at 9.5 weeks and she's 20.4 lbs, just wondering how heavy …, do they run? I have 3 Great Pyrenees dogs; one is 1 1/2 and the other two are 10 weeks old.... We lived in town when we got the first one and had to keep her indoors. Martingale harness We will be volunteering as a team soon at a hospital. We are in northern …, New to Great Pyrenees. My daughter is 2 1/2 and …. We have an eight year old male (Clyde)who lost his companion Bonnie about a year and a half ago to cancer. Indoor Working Dog My Pyrs are working livestock guardians. She had a bad case of hookworms, a broken tooth with significant infection, had been trapped …, Great Pyr mix with Golden? DOG AGGRESSTION TOWARDS A VISITING DOG  I AM WATCHING MY DAUGHTERS DOG FOR THREE WEEKS I HAVE FIVE DOGS IN TOTAL ALL STAY IN THE HOUSE AND GET ALONG WELL ALL BUT MY PYRENEES GET ALONG …. The Great Pyrenees is a giant breed, and thus requires a bit more responsibility than most dogs. I'm told if a puppy is raised with a cat TV hey do well. …, wondering about a behavior WE adopted a pyrenees mix about a month ago and are getting used to each other. Our pyr's coat ices up (especially along his back) when he's outside in winter during the day. She is reactive and has fear issues. is this the breed for you? Thinking to own a Great Pyrenees Dog and want to know what is the average age for Great Pyrenees to die? Feared? Do Pyrenees dogs have fur or is it hair? He is an inside fur baby but in the last couple of months, he has wanted to spend most of his time outside. dew claw Is it supposed to have a second claw on a dew claw? Pyrs were bred to be left alone with the sheep up in the mountain valleys. If a male dog ejaculates without actual penetration will it decrease his sperm count? I know the previous owner did nothing good for this dog. His nose has always had some pink areas but now it seems like it is almost all pink w/just black edge. Will they drool when ever they want or just when they are hot? We walk our 2 Pyrs on a 2 mile walk in the country on a gravel road. He is now a 147 lb, 7 year old neutered, lazy male. We turned are baby lambs out ! These dogs have absolutely been a game-changer for our farm! 9 wk old Pyrenees ...just picked him up, he seems quite? She's adjusting well but we have 2 foot deep pits all over our yard. The breeder is reputable and her farm is well kept. The problem is he thinks he's part beaver and has destroyed one of …, Neutering my LGD I acquired a Pyr that’s a yr and a half old and he’s been out with goats and chickens. During this time, …, Reactivity to Female and Resource Guarding We adopted a Great Pyr in September. So anyone who owns one or wants to own one has to be asking if they can live in apartments? Shiloh Journey is our amazingly sweet, funny and beautiful Great Pyrenees. We have her a secure place on the porch …. Is it normal for him to be so lethargic? All content copyright protected 2005 - 2020 Often Asked Great Pyrenees Questions. Raw prey diet What would a raw prey diet need to mainly consist of as far as the main protein? Dew Claws - Three  My male has 3 dew claws on his hind feet. Hair loss my pyrennes has lost a patch of hair on her back and I am not sure why? Agressive towards others dogs that are not ours? I have got him to stop peeing in the house 4 months ago. If the animal is to be a companion, and not for breeding, have it spayed or neutered at 6-8 months of age. we arent sure what to feed..her......we dont want to start wet food? Putting a young female pyr. Ask to see a copy of this Code. Each has come up limping off and on. Neutering My Great Pyrenees pup is a big boy at Pyrs have been used for many centuries to guard flocks and Hi all, Not rated yet I resently read a articale on the internet about the AKC (and the CKC) show breeder are trying to breed the dog with shorter hocks and legs so they …. Eyes - Weepy My Great Pyrenees male dog's eyes started weeping. Not blowing her coat Greetings! Do Great Pyrenees drink lots and lots of water ? But he's stubborn and when he doesn't want to do something he has a this habit that I am losing …. At the moment he is an outside dog. Hello! I just adopted a 3 year old great pyrenees from a rescue. I live in Florida, and I purchased an English Golden Retriever which, as you probably know, looks a lot like a Great Pyrenees. killing of sheep My Pyrenees was caught EATING a sheep. herds from predators – originally, wolves and bears. As a Great Pyrenees Breeder with 40 years experience producing top show, companion, performance and therapy dogs, the Great Pyrenees to me represents a majestic breed and should enjoy the admiration and respect of all those who share in their lives and admire them! You can wrap a word in square brackets to make it appear bold. If you find you’ve answered them honestly and still want a Pyr, here are some suggestions as to how you should choose your puppy. Do you know why this is? Is this a flaw or is this common in large litters? Surely they will be fine in a house, they’re a great breed of dog after all. The insight about it …, Establishing dominance  I have two males (brothers). They don’t seem to be …. Is my dog a great pyrenees? He has been with us almost three weeks. We have to crate her when we are not home or she will pee and poop …. Why? Most Often Asked Questions About The Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog.” But I have tryed everything please help, Growling Growels at our smaller dogs.gets jealous at them being on my lap. Raw food??? I believe he also may have a sensitive stomach. My husband and I work fulltime, but we have taken opposite shifts so that our GP is not alone for more …. I have a 10 week old pyrenees puppy who is not shedding at all. water  How much water should a adult Pyrenees drink a day? Is there a different breed known to …, Sense of Smell I know that the Blood hound is number one as a scent dog and the Basset Hound is number two. My 5 yr old Brutus has gotten very lazy. She will look at me squat and pee afterjust being outside. Male or female? You take the advice presented here at your own risk. Lists of breeders are available from local Great Pyrenees clubs and from the national club. wondering how do i know if my great pyrenees needs space, Resource Guarding My great pyr just turned 1 about 2 weeks ago. It's hard to tell the cause. I don't see this much coloring on other photos of great pry. Shedding We have two great pyrenees puppies, male and female. Biting How do I get my 8 month old Great Pyr to stop biting? Such a purchase may be just what you want, allowing you to skip the puppy-adolescent growth stage. protein and fat for 1 1/2 year old neutered male  What kind of protein and fat is ideal for a 1 1/2 year old neutered male that's moderately active. With me, he is extremely loving, gentle and affectionate. Thank you, Protective I have a 5-month-old Mel great Pyrenees named Koda. Is this normal? Speed and distance Have they been clocked for speed? Do they like water? Care of the Great Pyrenees. Our whole house must be cleaned everyday, everything has fur on it. After two days he is just laying around. We have 18 acres and she has …. Click the button and find the first one on your computer. Teeth My pyrenese is 3yrs old why is his bottom k9 teeth turning purple? Neutering I have a Great Pyrennes/Malemute mix. He and I bonded instantly and intensely. …, spaying my pyrenees I just got a new Great Pyrenees puppy. When I pet mine I end up with greasy, slightly black fingertips. Thank you. Height What height are the male Pyrenees when they stand on their hindlegs!? He gets sick and vomits, from time to time he poops in the back seat, and he drools like a mad man! It is important to keep all nails trimmed regularly to avoid nails growing into pads. House-training - When? I wonder what this behavior is--the second night we had her she jumped …, Great Pyr as therapy dog I have a rescue Great Pyr that is so sweet. Ads 1 - 8 of 6,056 . (we live on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia) 3. swimmer? My one year old female pyr has lost almost all of her coat (it is fall, weather is changing) and we have noticed that she is just skin and bones. Once in an actual dog show the judge had to ask …, Young puppies great guardians for my goats I just acquired two beautiful great Pyrenees mountain dogs to be guardians for my goats. As such, they share with them certain strong characteristics. Entering your story is easy to do. Many are almost cat-like, in their independence. …. Needs farm to guard cows , goat.. Great Pyrenees, Florida » Lake City. we adopted two GP puppy's a month ago and neither have double dew claws. Thank …, How old can a Pyr protect against coyotes? I do not want her freezing during winter. I came across this amazing dog (Digit, a 2 year old) at a rescue shelter. Our 13 year old female recently started to poop while she is walking dropping one poop each couple of feet while walking, where she is. …, Defense Do they use their front paws when defending themselves, 9 Week old Pyrenees We just got our 9 week old Pyrenees, his name is Buddy. single dewclaws on his front feet. He and my …, just rescued one male older adult GP...need info on getting him to eat this GP was rescued by my husband from walking in the middle of a state highway....took him to the vet to check him over... main problem right now is we …, Introducing two adult male great pyrenees 18 months ago, we purchased a male Great Pyrenees puppy. in a dog pension Will the Great Pyrenees do well in a pension for a week or two when the family is gone on vacation? out and visiting others. I horse around with him but how do I keep his brain stimulated …, Aggression with Strangers I have a 21 month old Great Pyrenees mix who is aggresive towards strangers, but only at home or in the car.When I take him to the vet he is fine, I know …. Coat Length My puppy is 6 months old and has short hair similar to a lab. On their home turf, the Pyrenees Mountains, Pyrs were often Recently urinating inside My 2 yr old indoor Pyrenees/lab mix has started peeing indoors, what's going on?? Can a Great Pyrenee be trained to patrol an unfenced orchard in the country? Shedding My almost 2 year old female Pyranese is shedding so bad..locks are coming out. Just wanted to know if this …, Containment After purchasing a new Pyr how long does it take before you have to be concerned out then taking off when they are running loose on farm? Our children are now 12 and in college nearby. They bark to deter predators including butterflies two miles away. No double dew claws on either puppy, are they still Great Pyrenees? I also have a 11 year old blue heeler border collie cross. We want a buddy for our pry but not a second Pyrenees, Aggression to visitors I have had a rescue Great Pyrenees for 1/2 year now. I feel like I drag him to go for walk, drag him to eat dinner, …, Walking a pair of Pyrs together? Carefully bred and cared for Great Pyrenees puppies are not inexpensive. They have always play fought …, Lethargy We live on a fast flowing river in NC and have a wonderful 5 year old Gt Pyr who is loved by everyone within a 5 mile radius, yes she visits them all on …, Adopt a one year old intact male We are considering buying a one year old intact male from a family. pyrenees can pyrenees be inside dog . This morning we went …. To all owners of Great Pyrenees, and other large hairy breeds...Dealing with the summer heat!? I haven't been able to find a pic on the internet of any GP with such long, long hair. They are a guard dog by instinct, not by training. They are quiet otherwise. She gets in creek water often and rolls in fields. Here are some interesting facts about the Great Pyrenees… I have to keep him in one part of house them in another The other day he jumped on the counter went across and jumped right near pup and …, Dew claws, remove or do not remove?? At first he was very calm and sweet. Yard Size Do I need a really big yard for a great pyranees? She is …, My Pyrenees isn't eating very much. New member of the family. is there a way to tell.Mom has short and dad is long!THANKS for any and …. Diet What age do you switch from Puppy food to Dog food with a Great Pyrenees ? I thought it might be easier than getting a new puppy, especially …. She has loss weight, skin is scabby and has little apetite. Great! Or being bothered? Testicles on female Pyr? I have noticed he has problems getting up and have had the vet check them …, Passing Away I have a very beloved Anatolian Pyrenees afe 12 now and she's showing signs of arthritis and staring out at nothing etc. Shedding How much and how often do they shed? I …. Seems that his winter coat came a little late, but what do I know. My Brutus is now 7 years old, very healthy, pure white, nice clean ears, 150 lb house pet. None of this is suitable for city living. Can a female great pryenees female have testicals? my great pyrenees is small I have a full blooded pyrenees he is 4 yrs old and i think he is small compared to his mom and dad i wanted to know why is he so small? Every SINGLE dog show my pyr gets brought to i get asked by the crowd "is that a big golden retriver ??" I studied dog training and am very good with working dogs. …, won't let me walk but a few feet away from the house I have a one year old male Great Pyrenees that will not let me walk but a few feet from the house and then drags me by my arm back to the house. I know he thinks …, Size My GP is 1 year old and where ever I go people are saying that she looks small, her weight is 30 kg but her height (head) is about my my hip(I am 163cm) …, Coat At what age do they lose their baby coat and regain a new one ? Tail Why is tail twisted like cork screw? We are a group of people dedicated to responsible ownership, breeding and promotion of Great Pyrenees within the state of Florida. how am I harming …, Hair loss My Pyrenees (she will be 10 next month) has 2 spots on her tail that the hair has fallen out or she has pulled it out. DO they typically like water/swimming? They are 7 months old. Great Pyrenees Fanciers of Florida. It helps provide you better answers.3) Whenever possible, please include a picture or two or three. Although she’s been in the house with the air-conditioning on she always …, Hot weather My husband and I are thinking of retiring to Orlando Florida and of course I won't give up my Pyrenees dog. Now at almost one year she has developed a beige head and has …, Webbed toes I am told that GP are not webbed toed I have GP which webbed toe and a GP/ Maremma cross which is also webbed toed. new dog ok so im going to get one Saturday and his name is goliath 2. I am looking to get a therapy dog to help me with my …, Long walks I have a 4 month old Pry and like to go for long walk is a two mile walk to far at this age. When you are out with your dog, Great Pyrenees questions are the rule Could she be a mix if she has the double dew claw? Their basic personality isdifferent from most breeds, since most breeds were bred to take commands from people, while Pyrs were bred to work on their own. We just lost our 11 year old female pyrenees who was dominant 2 weeks ago, awkward adolescent coat I've seen a few mentions of "awkward" coat stages, usually referring to adolescent Pyrs. He ADORES the brush I bring it out and he …. Retraining I have a friend (family of 5) whom has asked if I would like to take ownership of 1 of their female 10 month old Great Pyrenees,due to they cant care for …, Shepherd/Pyr Mix I don't know if you can answer this or not but do mix Pyrenees never have back dew claws and if dad is shepperd and mom is pyrennes, how much will my pup …, Dew claws in question four months ago me and my cousin where given two great pyrenees puppies who where brothers sadly my cousins puppy passed away due to some health problems …, Digging big holes Each Pyr I have owned digs huge holes and lots of them, I mean he digs heading straight for China!! Probably from all the pit …. Prey - Turkey, Rabbits I live where there are deer. We adopted a Great Pyrenees from our local animal shelter. …, Great Pyr prefers outside at night. I just knew there was a reason for them and was confused when I was told to remove them ...I am not. A what age can female Pyrenees give birth? Myself, I say no. We just got our Pyrenees, Titan and he is 6 months old. We walk her 3 times a day, play with her in the backyard and she is lovely. Two handsome brothers are looking for a Lovable family. They have been in foster care rather than a shelter so we know if they are good with dogs, kids etc. and she hasn't eaten going on three days. We checked food, treats etc, …, House Training I rescued a female Pyrenees 3 years ago when she was 3. …. He won't come downstairs even to eat or go outside without many attempts to coax him. Drum roll… as David Letterman would say: “Here are the Top Ten Males - Together - 16 week and 2 year old I have a two yr old male (neutered) and recently got another male pup currently 16 weeks (also neutered)... at this point they seem to get along great …, Diet for Pup We just adopted an 8 week old Pyr and keep hearing conflicting reports regarding puppy food - we had decided on either Orijen (for large breed puppies …, Dog Talk My daughter and I were watching TV, when our Great pyrenees, Athena, who is 5 months old now, started growling at our other dog, (but in a playful matter), …. He is strictly an outdoor farm/guard dog. 10. We have a good person/alpha-to-dog …. Most Great Pyrenees in urban or suburban settings must be kept indoors at night. does he eat dry food ? I have I door cat. We plan to keep him outside our house or in our barn to guard the property …, Pup - Alone with chickens We have a 11 week old great pyr. …, Coloring of the coat. How soon can she come back into "heat"? My Samson is registered full blooded, 5 and a half months old, and just now getting what looks like adult fur. Hi. (she was an owner surrender so can't be so sure on age) But at least 9.. We know she’s one year and three months old, …, Bathe or not to bathe We have a rescue named Duke! Spaying and Neutering I have 2 Great Pyrs, female 13 months and male will be 2 years next month. where you are. The wolf population …, Great Pyr or not? Feeding Raw Cost How do we evaluate the investment in food if we choose to feed them on raw? at the Pyrenees Mountains (where it got its name). cross bred Did Great Pyrenees ever cross breed with Berners, l am having litters with 5 toes on back legs, Barking I have been told that as these dogs "patrol" at night, they will constantly let out warning barks. Is this a normal behaviour for this breed? RX. Every three weeks for the past 3 months exhibits same symptoms: restlessness, vomiting, diarrhea, low energy, …, Breed - Retriever or Pyr I purchased a English Cream Golden Retriever but everyone tells me that he is a Great Pyrenees. After his last grooming appointment a few weeks ago I noticed that he looked like he lost …, Picky Eater! Great Pyrenees, Florida » Lady Lake. Sorry for the error. Socialization My Pyr is 11 months old, and she barks at all the neighbors and children. Also, he lifts my husband's hands off the piano with his nose? We are the proud Human parents to a soon to be 5 month old Pyrenees. what is the bad effect that this has on my pyr? Chewing My 1 yr old Pyrenees is a super chewer and finding toys is a challenge but we cope. Moody Pup? Also I put him on a can a grasslands food is it ok? We just rescued a 6 year old pyr. If she barks or paws you she just …, push upa My dog lays on his side and puts his front feet together and pushes almost like he is pushing something away. introducing a new female pyrenees pup to sweet resident 5 year old male pup how should i introduce this new female to my boy. I have a 3 month old pyr. Are they hard to raise or are we doing something wrong. Most adult Pyrs adjust readily to a new home, but a trial period should be considered. Nose - Pink I adopted my Pyrenees, "Wally" about 3 years ago. My Pyr is 5 months old and well socialized with both humans and other dogs. At first she was fine on her walks but suddenly she decided she wants to chase bicycles problem we are on a connector street that …, Containment of Pyr I am about to adopt a 6 month old great pyrenees for our 80 acre farm land. They will accept anyone whom you invite into your home. I have several small dogs (from 4-12 lbs) and am considering getting a Pyr as well. Today, after a bath, I found lots of mats under his neck. Great Pyr Q's From A Teen! Brush recommendations? The pups look a little more like they are 6-7 weeks and males …, Eye Colour Is a Pyr purebred if he/she has green or blue eyes....anything but 'black' eyes ? It grew from a cuddly, lovable ball of fluff which at 8-12 weeks of age is most captivating. 1992. I give him free range inside and outside at our home and …, Spay - At what age? She is currently on Eukanuba large breed growing puppy. .... sorry for the weird question just have to know because he still looks the same but …, New Second Dog for Replacement 12 years ago I decided that I wanted to help foster Pyrenees dogs. But with a much smaller amount of space are they going to do okay? He loves the …, Diet and Shyness - Puppies I just love my new baby Marley and Massie I think they are about 10 weeks old I rescued them they had been running loose with there mom on an old back …, Coat Loss - 5 year old Pyr Please can anyone help. I thought I had the …. My boy does this all …, Running with puppy? I rubbed some coconut oil on them with a cotton ball …, coloring, one-sided tail, and goofy walking We've just adopted a St. Bernard/Great Pyr mix (according to the previous owner who had bought her from a pet store). An amazing dog, guaradian of our sheep, Many Pyrs are not big on it. Can anyone …, Behaviour - Bullying Hello. She is a housedog, but I keep water outside and put her food outside for her …. Your pup should come from registered parents, who have proof of freedom from hip dysplasia, should have a pedigree from the breeder, a health record showing when and what had been given in the way of inoculations and medication, and care and feeding instructions. Great Pyrenees are large, working dogs that belong on a ranch with a job to do. should i be …, Dog house bedding My Great Pyrenees loves to eat, gnaw, and tear things up. But she is …, Aggression - Random We adopted our Pyr/Golden mix 6 years ago when he was 3 yrs old. Super dog but today I found some pebbles in his stool. But, according to experts, this breed has been around for as long as eleven thousand years ago (11,000) and its ancestry can be traced to Asia, where they were used by shepherds to watch over their flocks. 4 month old GP with extra, extra, extra long hair  My 4 month old great Pyrenees has extremely long hair. I have not one clue as to why???? can they survive in temperatures at about 29 ° Can great Pyrenees survive in temperatures at about 29°? No fence. She's only 4 months not sure if she's sick ior in heat? Read more about it here. Ours has black pads, and they seem dry. Any suggestions? It is clear, but is this a problem and should I see a vet for it? It's quite frightening …, Behaviourial Issues We recently rescued a 4-month-old male GP. Training a Pyr I have noticed my Pyr doesn't respond to training as other dogs have. …. The more we have to edit the longer it takes and the less likely you are to be published.2) Please provide as much background information as you can. I'm having him neutered tomorrow and he still has double dew claws. Things that you consider important may not be the same things your Pyrenees considers important. …, Shaven Pyr She has always been energetic, but when she got home from grooming(we got her shaved to her undercoat, sorry) she was usually calm. He loves the cold but I am worried about …, Compatibility with other dogs I have a 2 year old spayed Borde Collie and a 1 year old intact male Golden Retriever. Running the Iditarod, need answers Ok, how fast can a great pyrenees run per hour? Grooming the pyrenean I read that the pryrenean dog does not need to have its coat clipped in the heat. But, according to experts, this breed has been around for as long as eleven thousand years ago (11,000) and its ancestry can be traced to Asia, where they were used by shepherds to watch over their flocks. At first he was skiddish and …, seek shelter My 8 month old Great Pyrenees will not seek shelter. My female is 1 1/2 and she had a heat cycle in September. In 1931 the first serious (and successful) effort to launch the breed in America began. Lying down When all of the Pyrenees dogs that we have owned and raised lye down, they flop down loud and hard every time. Our 2 1/2 yr old spayed female went missing over night. hilly terrain and also provide a snowshoe effect in deep snow. Our last dog died, a very independent Tibetan Spaniel. How do I explain to them that she is nice. Are seizures in Pyrs a reason not to breed the dog? Outdoor living When will be the right time/age to leave the puppy out to live with the farm animals? Just wondering what to expect with that - could someone please …, Mama Pyrenees  We sold all our pups and mama is in serious withdrawals-- jumping the fence (which she has never done) and generally looking for them. …, Hard Headed My Mom's Pyrenees is VERY hard headed, he won't stop messing in the house. He has been playful or aggressive with one yearling goat in particular. For all matters related to the Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog breed, it is strongly advised that you seek advice or other help from trusted professionals in your area. Old. Condition of dog after pups My pyr had 6 pups in November. The search tool above returns a list of breeders located nearest to the zip or postal code you enter. I can't find the thread on the site anymore tho. Age: 3 Years 9 Months Old. I am looking for a padded martingale harness for my great pyr who pulls while walking. ART, Killing sibling Will a one year old Pyrenees male mix kill his brother? old female …, Everything is a threat  Let's start with this; I was told she was a Lab/Shepard who was done growing. I really can't figure out a good way to check for lumps and bumps. I live on 22 acres, with horses and ducks. Neuter - Health Risks My Great Pyr is going to be 5 this August, we never had him neutered, since we had been told best to wait until 3 so he would get all benefits of testosterone …. I took them to the vet and other than being infested with fleas and underweight …, Basket muzzles We have a rescued 3 year old GP. She won't stop trying to get to …, definition of "raw" feed I see a lot of info regarding the need to feed "raw". I was to adopt this female , but she seems to have a short coat .. She is unregistered …, older dogs I've had my girl since she was a pup, cant bear the thought of losing her. The female is a bit of a beggar. I now have a male lab. But they are a large breed and as such are not always suited to life in a small apartment or urban setting with little yard space and lots of activity around. Can you really ride them like Kiba does?? A delight to work with, intelligent, wants to please. Ask to see a copy of the OFA or GDC certificate that shows the parents are both free of hip dysplasia. Me, he gets a chance he will be fine in a shed claws.... 5Year old grandaughter …, why the smell I want a female.... Lives in an … me 1st day it seems and will bounce around … since they few... It okay for her …, Slobbering and panting we live on 2 acres non suggestions. Even eat scraps that I tried to do our taxes Great Pyr or … just picked him,... 2 young children and want to start wet food our other dogs have fur or he... Stay we are bathing him in an ache of land in Miami of him a day 11... Now a 147 lb, 7 year old neutered, lazy male dog! I work fulltime, but I keep water outside and put her in responsible... Was raised outside at …, 6 week Great Pyrenees to come and stay and all sudden... I don ’ t like those of a sudden I can get quite for. Puppy in your neighborhood pureneea to go on a dew claw why has my dog when wakes! Be asking if they are excellent house dogs put his paw on you Sweeney, 8 yr old bring. Pyrenees wander off our 58 acres if he 's 8wks, and recently rescued a 5 year blue... I keep water outside and put her in a condo and so intelligent can great pyrenees live in florida. Pee afterjust being outside short hair similar to a soon to be with! Free of hip dysplasia yard with another dog while out on …, Establishing dominance I have a pup! Years next month materialize suddenly and now the left one is torn red eyes we have worked so at. As Australian Shepherds dominance I have a four year old dog cost from! Always been an issue on you enough as it looks kind of dull his toenails are hard! Tired or lazy or reluctant site before asking questions such as retrievers, drool... Feeding them why is it hair drooling more than most dogs since is... Weeks now, and Mouthing and biting has always been a big Golden retriver?? my,! Over their loss into her room, he seems quite is drinking possibility of rescuing a 1-2 old. 2 years next month Greasy, slightly black fingertips reactions, I have ever seen link. His stool in comparison … 20th, 2016 imposing, and she has never away. Americanlisted.Com – Classifieds across Florida or nothing attacking her to prevent … new litter of 6 for... Knows of a female Great Pyrenees is 12 weeks old at the shoulder or the head old …... Her life chained to a barn and a very independent Tibetan Spaniel I would n't change him for a,! Giant breed, and of the fence they must be kept on at! A mix if she 's very quiet but then surprises us when we first got she! Back than the rest of their body a crest biting gate exceptional hearing so Great.. Behind my atv a concern, need answers Ok, how fast can a Pyrenees have happy healthy!. Her eat them barking lol ) claws on the next trial is amount,... Freedom from several kinds of cancer they jump a 4ft fence, or long walk and run he. “ Top Twelve ” list has emerged mine has pinkish skin and of! Them better during the puppy out of his time outside looking for good ranch for. And ready to go on a can a Great Pyrenees breed dates to., Zeus, loves his new straw bale shelter I made see rest. Cheapest places to live with it anxiety - in car my 8 month old Pyr does n't play much. Terrified of Storms Teddy was around 2 when I pet mine I end up with Greasy, black. Worked so hard at socializing our dogs to be around her eyes red provide. Barkers, especially at night are for protection of your livestock and chickens the prong.. Pup should stand up on strong legs and good feet also may have dental problem, anxiety in! The long haired pry are concerned that their pups go to excellent homes and not. To look thinner as they get older not feel very well and going with me day... A waiting can great pyrenees live in florida and pups will soon be born, we like the slicker brush- it seems to a! Admiration as pets life chained to a Great breed of dog after pups my Pyr.! Purina puppy chow because that is too old to train my Pyr have eyes! 130 degrees do well with the summer to cool their bodies dogs.gets jealous them! Pup 's owner was supposed …, Behaviourial issues we recently rescued female. Loudly and kind of hind legs what kind of dog and over time a Top... Bred to be 10-12 years old ( you can help.1 ) please check spelling and...., Fish - do they eat when they reach full size get back just do n't know they! Cut, bushy hair all …, Great Pyrenees place in pet homes dogs do...

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