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Now that their proficiency with potions and chemicals is unmatched, they are on the verge of manipulating the very laws of nature! I would highly recommend you to Actively Level your Homunculus by doing these: If you still want to AFK, you can let your Homunculus in Magma Dungeon 2, but be careful, the Monsters can kill you if your Homunculus isn't strong enough to kill them fast or if you don't have enough VIT. Equip this one if you're farming in a place where it's crowded with a lot of monsters and if your Casting Time is slow. @wi (@whereis), allows you to know the location of a monster, for example: @wi poring or @wi 1002. You open your Cart inventory by pressing Alt+W in game. I don't recommend learning nor using this Skill. As always, WoE 1.0 god items throw things off, so calc it yourself if you are building for gods. Worrying about your Homunculus's SP is really not your priority because you're the one using Cart Cannon not your Lif. For this to give an actual bonus, the Garment must be at least +6 (it adds. This build is designed to have both Damage and Survivability. She also have Silent Breeze which heals you for a small amount but the most important part is that it replaces these Status Effects by Silence(which you can be immune to if you have 100 INT). now im confused lol, Totally cannot hit ghosts but deal more damage if the used weapon element weapon takes advantage for monster weakness. A book with instructions for creating Acid Bottles. Geneticist Job being the highest tier in the Merchant and Alchemist Class, inherits the Skills of the Merchant Job, Alchemist Job and Biochemist Job(Biochemists Skill Tree requires Transcendance). At the beggining, after getting out of the ship your first goal is to register to the, Right of the bat, type "@go prontera" and head to the, At the beginning you should just grind on some monsters in maps like, Talk to the NPC Secretary Lime Evenor (Purple Hair) to register, then talk to. This skill is usually useless as your main Weapon will most likely be a Mace such as Crimson Mace [2]. You can also use it to boost the Damage of Acid Demonstration because it's Forced Neutral anyway. You can also try to get the ideal enchantment for the specific Property or Race of the Monster that you're farming. DEX is needed to reach Instant Cast as it counts Twice. Expensive Card that boosts your damage on both. "Damage = [( ATK + MATK ) * Target's VIT]". Add and promote your Ragnarok Online server on the best top list for more players. You can also use the Overed Boost from Eira to have 189 ASPD and try to proc it on Prontera's Training Dummies by auto attacking them. The damage's Property is only affected by the Property of your Cannon Ball. Hi, my server got an problem with acid demonstration skill when player using Acid demonstration to an player armor of player and weapon doesnt break i already tried to check if the item is unbreakable or not. You can also use it to boost the Damage of Acid Demonstration because it's Forced Neutral anyway. This can potentially out-damage Crimson Mace [2] but dropping the perfectly enchanted one is very slim. I am not a Pro Geneticist but I wanted to share you my knowledge that I have gathered so far about this class. If your soul is linked to the Greatest Alchemist Spirit, the restorative powers of this Skill is increased. Your Homunculus gains 1 Skill Point every 3 Levels. Upon reaching it's Mutated Form, your Homunculus will already have change its appearance completely and is even stronger and increasing its level cap at Level 175, it will also be able to learn new Skills while keeping its old ones. This Weapon enables you to leech 5% of your dealt Physical Damage as HP and SP for 5% and 1% chance respectively. You should swap this Armor into anything mentioned above as soon as you get closer to the Instant Cast because it doesn't provide a lot of Damage Boost. Right of the bat, I would highly suggest you to join the Arc Wand Clan in the Main Office. Use this card if your goal is to not die or support your party instead of dealing damage, it also gives you extra survivability if you're fighting against a monster that uses heavy AoE damage spells such as Hell's Judgement or Earthquake. These skills on themselves are pretty good but they use a Glistening Coat for each cast whereas Full Chemical Protection(Biochemist Skill) consumes only 1 to apply every Chemical Protection Skill. With the Homunculus Update, your Homunculus will now get 25% of your EXP from Monsters and Quests. Then I set the value besides "UseEiraEraseCutter" to True to enable the usage of it. This is enough ASPD to make you to be able to use your Cart Cannon as if you were a gatling gun if you're affected by a Bard's Poem of Bragi. This Dagger is pretty easy to get and you can also try to Over Refine just to get a little bit more Damage but it's not mandatory. Once your Homunculus reached Level 99 with its Evolved Form, it will be able to transform into a Homunculus S by undergoing Mutation. This means that for example if I put Ant Egg ( Monster ID 1097 ) and set it to Attack High and Andre ( Monster ID 1095 ) Attack Medium, the homunculus will first kill the Eggs then start attacking the Andre. This can be used when you have gathered too much Monsters than you can handle much like Thorn Wall's use. Creates a 1 of the 4 Basic Homunculus if there is none exists by incubating an Embryo in your Inventory. This Skill decreases all affected enemies INT Stat and SP as well as increasing Skill Delay. This Skill doesn't see too much use in PvM as you would normally just want to kite Monsters and kill them as fast as possible. Note: set "UseDanceAttack" under the "Basic Options" into True in the "Homunculus Tab", this will make your homunculus attack way faster than it should. And also Monster's Name doesn't need to be exact as the mob's name, the most important is the Monster ID. To do that, they have to be at least +15 and enchanted with a Expert Archer 4 or higher and carded with at least 1 White Knight Card to compensate for the Weapon Size Penalty. Will miss to ghost but more damage against undead. You might want an Eleanor if you want to AFK Level with  Sonic Claw which pretty much 1 shots every monsters in her vicinity. But you can also take advantage that some Monsters uses Teleport when Snared to ward off strong/unwanted Monsters like in the Tomb of the Fallen Dungeon, when there is too much Monsters, you can put some Traps and let them be Snared to make them use Teleport. lemme know please. To make this Armor worth, it must be refined to at least +7 and must also be enchanted with exactly 2 Attack Supplement Reactor and a STR Supplement Reactor. If you're just going to do the job of Lurer/Tanker, then 101 INT should be enough as your main job is to tank and not deal Damage. Alchemist Rank is determined by the points accumulated by the Player when brewing Condensed White Potion, if you manage to get to the Top 10, your Potions will restore 50% more HP. Her Pain Killer buff allows you to gather and tank monsters without fear of dying thanks to the Damage Reduction, with that in mind, you'll be able to farm mobby dungeons and also be able to lure in Gramps for example. VIT Stat is to increase your HP Pool as well as DEF. This guide has been specifically made for NovaRO's Server, I won't guarantee the optimal usefulness of this guide on other Servers. Here are screen shots of my Geneticist's and Minstrel's Status Windows in-game that explains how Marionette Control works. I've tried using a skull cap +orlean glove (total +11%matk but I don't see my acid bomb dmg go up? It's also important to note that Acid Demonstration has a 1 Second Fixed Cast Time meaning that even if you reach Instant Cast, you won't able to totally Cast it Instantly without the help of some gears. The MATK it provides also contributes to Acid Demonstration. It can be obtained as a completion reward of the Temple of the Demon God Instance. You can view the Full List of Item Creations by Clicking on the Skill's Name. Emergency Avoid is put in a shelf thanks to Cart Boost which is better. When it uses your USER_AI folder, it should say "Homunculus has been customized" and when it's using the basic AI it says "Homunculus has been activated with the basic AI". From Merchant, you can advance to Alchemist as the Second Class if you have met the requirements. The Element of the weapon doesn't matter as Cart Cannon doesn't take account your Weapon's Element. Animation Delay. And inside that folder you will find lots of LUA files, It's basically the different part of  the "Brain" of your Homunculus. The Hybrid is a pretty unorthodox build that still uses Acid Bomb, but still has a decent to high STR to allow the use of the prerequisites skills. And finally, the Default Tab ( should be over the top of anything else you added in the list ) correspond to the behavior that your Homunculus will have towards every monster that hasn't been added in your List. By enchanting your armor with Undead Property, you gain resistance to Poison and Shadow properties and you're immune to Freeze and Stone Curse statuses. To create a Homunculus you need to have an Embryo in your inventory. Luckily in NovaRO, we have access to various commands: Besides these in-game commands, you can also use database sites such as or Needle Paralyze can also replace Thorn Trap. If you're new to the Alchemist Class, there is a folder called "AI" in your NovaRO folder, inside that folder you will find the basic AI. AGI isn't really needed because of most the time you will be able to one shot most of the normal Monsters, it's also better if you focus on Stats that reduces your Cast Time as well as doing more Damage. The Homunculus Update also changed the EXP Tables, they now require more EXP than before, for this reason, AFK Leveling has become obsolete. Your only source of big damage would be Mammonite but it requires Zeny to be casted so it's surely not the best skill to level with if you're starting. To make this Armor worth, it must be refined to at least +7 and must also be enchanted with either Spell Bound Nive for more Damage or Dextrous Nive for a faster Casting Time or a mix of both. The Different Property Cannon Balls are: Cannon Ball(Neutral Property), Holy Cannon Ball(Holy Property), Dark Cannon Ball(Dark Property), Ghost Cannon Ball(Ghost Property) and Iron Cannon Ball(Neutral Property). Lvl 10 Gene Research – Improve INT & SP. It can also break your target's Armor by a small chance. @ii (@iteminfo), allows you to search information about an item, for example : @ii unripe apple or @ii 619. Their Buffs are meant to be used by you to increase your efficiency in battle. If you happen to have any of these Weapons, you can equip them in the meantime if you have not any other weapons. The Basic AI is a very simple program that you can find in every Ragnarok folder, it basically makes your Homunculus do very basic things such as attacking, moving, being aggressive etc. from the irowiki: -Acid demonstration is a elemental attack forced to neutral property; when you do damage with an endowed weapon or with elemental property, the target receive extra damage according to your elemental property (if the weapon has fire property, will be more damage to … Really nice card for additional resistance. I would highly suggest you to get this Weapon as early as possible because they are easy to farm and also try to refine it to +15 as this will also be your main End-Game Weapon. Replaced Old Guide with the Reworked Guide. This Garment enables you to leech 1% of your dealt Physical Damage as SP for 1% chance. This Item can also be efficiently farmed on Gramps 145+ Rotation that contains Pom Spider. cleric, astora straight sword in early game, then make a tansition to skill weapons (uchigatana, halberd, balder sword, etc.) To Mutate your Homunculus you need to complete the Mutation Quest, and you must be a Geneticist to be able to do it. This Skill is basically your best damaging Skill when killing targets with high VIT stat, usually MVPs. The damage is greater as your Cart gets heavier. The card's description is quite confusing, basically when you equip it with Succubus Card, the entire combo gives you INT+1, Maximum SP+150 and SP Recovery+10% in total. It increases the watk/eatk portion of the damage, but not the satk and matk portions of the damage. Plan your characters' stats in Ragnarok Online ahead of time with this easy to use RO Stat Calculator. It allows you to Teleport randomly in the Map that you're in. Biochemists (Alt: Creator) are a much stronger class than the Alchemists, provided there are sufficient funds and SP for the new skill Acid Bomb (often abbreviated t… With Eira, you won't need to have too much AGI, having only 32 points on AGI quickens your Animation Delay enough to have a smooth Cart Cannon spam while her Overed Boost fixes your ASPD to 189 and your Flee to 500. It basically locks down your target which is very very useful. Lif has very little to offer, Touch of Heal is kind of decent but you will need to brew Condensed Red Potion to make it work. Once Evolved, your Homunculus will have a great boost on its MaxHP and MaxSP, adding a large random number on its Status Points and it will also be able to learn its 4th Skill once it's Loyal again or when Mutated. 6862 Posts 1031 Topics Last post by Wosi2 To make it worth, you'll need at least a +14 Twin Edge of Naght Sieger [3] enchanted with a Expert Archer 4 or higher and carded with at least 1 White Knight Card to compensate for the Weapon Size Penalty. /navi - @navi - @navi2, allows you to reach a map by guidance, for example: @navi2 prt_fild08 or @navi prt_fild08. Rebound will disable your HP and SP recovery rate while also slowing your Movement Speed for a moment. Your Homunculus gains Intimacy Points depending on its Hunger Points. O god there's still mystery behind acid bomb's damage lol,tried to look up to other topics about acid bomb,Thanks guys for the info! This Skill doesn't see too much use in large Parties because they tend to always have at least Arch Bishop which takes care of restoring the Party Member's Health, but you can use it in conjunction with the Party's Healer if they are occupied with something else or just doesn't have enough healing power. I don't recommend this skill if you're going with a full DPS build, it will just waste your precious Skill Points to allocate. Choosing a Vanilmirth will increase your brewing success rate thanks to his Change Instruction which adds 5% at Lv 5. INT is your main Damage Stat, each point directly Increases your Cart Cannon Damage. The Success Formula of Pharmacy according to iRO Wiki is: "( Potion Research Skill Level) + ( Pharmacy Skill Level * 3) + ( Instruction Change Skill level) + (JobLvl × 0.2) + (DEX × 0.1) + (LUK × 0.1) + (INT × 0.05) + (Potion Rate %)". Heal), attack (e.g Meteor Assault), or throw animation (e.g. I don't recommend using this skill at all as the damage is mediocre and just wastes a Bottle Grenade. Thanks to the ASPD it provides, when affected by Poem of Bragi, it'll allow you to spam  Cart Cannon as if you were a machine gun still with no added AGI. This is great when farming on offensive monsters (for example when you want to farm in Geffenia). You are not obligated to follow word by word everything that I wrote in here, these are just my opinions, you are free to have your own playstyle/gameplay/build! Acid Demonstration Calculator - A Tool to Assess AD Damage depending on your target, environment, and more. If you don't want a Sera, you can always make your Homunculus Gather the monsters for you by controlling it manually (Hold ALT Key and Right Click). Check out various builds like Sphere parasitism, and Acid Demonstration. That's all. You can also use Alt+Right Click an item to store or withdraw items from your inventory or Cart faster but you loose the ability to choose how much of the item you will store or withdraw. You might want an Eira for her  Overed Boost which fixed your ASPD at 189 and your Flee at 500 so you can spend those stat points on other stats besides AGI. Dieter's Pyroclastic won't endow your Cart Cannon with Fire Property anymore. @wd (@whodrops), allows you to search what monsters drop a specific item, for example: @wd unripe apple or @wd 619. You might want a Dieter if you want to deal more damage with  Acid Demonstration and  Cart Cannon thanks to Pyroclastic. The most interesting part is that it will make you able to fast cast Acid Demonstration by cutting down 0,5sec of Fixed Cast Time of it's 1sec Cast Time if you have 120 DEX or higher. You can compare damage using the calc in my sig, without spending zeny ;-). Having a Sera will enable you to have the Pain Killer Buff which reduces the Damage Taken by a Fixed amount depending on the Level of Skill. The Full Recipes will be available on my Item Creation Section. You can also throw them new type of Potions like Enriched White Potion Z Throw or even +20 Foods like Siroma Icetea To Throw. For example, I want to make my Eira use her skill Eraser Cutter so first I indicate the level of it which is besides "EiraEraseCutterLevel", in this case I choose level 4. Use the appropriate off-topic section for material that are not RO related. To be able to farm efficiently you will have to get yourself some specific equipment that can be found below. The Biochemist's unyielding dedication to research and experimentation have raised them to the summit of scientific knowledge. This Skill is also one of the Skills that defines the Alchemist Class. And also special thanks to "Arch Bishop Philip" for the overall useful tips and QoL things to add in the guide and to "Uncle Drei" for the AI stuffs :D ! It also contributes to reach Instant Cast. Becoming a Geneticist gives you access a more reliable damage source compared to the Alchemist Job or the Biochemist Job, while also having the possibility to mutate your Homunculus into a much powerful version: the Homunculus S. Depending on the Homunculus that you have, you will have different advantages for you to use to surmount hurdles that comes in your way. You can buy Cannon Balls from Mado Dealer in Prontera Town, /navi prontera 170/226. This alternative also let's you save some Thorn Plant Seed. This class also has the particular need to have a precise item in your direct inventory for almost each skills that it has. STR is needed to have some base ATK for your Damage, also if if you have a Heroic Backpack [1], having 90 STR is enough to benefit one it's effect. You should only have these 3 exact enchants that boosts ATK to enhance the Damage of Cart Cannon and Acid Demonstration. This Item fully restores your HP and SP upon consumption. Acid Bomb can be endowed statAtk part via Mild Wind to increase dmg on certain monsters. Heart of Mermaid (100%) Mystic Frozen (0,50%), Crystal Mirror (10%) Illusion Flower (1%), Destination: Beyond the Waterfall (Dungeon), Zenorc's Fang (100%) Rough Oridecon (7%), Shining Stone (2%) Old Magic Book (0,50%), Poison Spore (100%) Green Herb (27,50%), Green Live (6%) Four-Leaf Clover (0,40%), Immortal Heart (100%) White Herb (30%), Flower Ring (10%) Armlet of Obedience (1%), Blood of Wolf (20%) Rough Oridecon (2,70%), Claw of Desert Wolf (100%) Katar [2] (0,10%), Mink Coat [1] (0,10%) Durga [1] (0,10%), Ring (0,10%) High Fashion Sandals [1] (0,10%), Destination: Freya's Sacred Precinct F1 (Dungeon), Black Bear Skin (100%) Strange Steel Piece (100%), Elder Branch (10%) Banana Juice (10%), Destination: Shrine of Gonryun Queen (Dungeon), Wind of Verdure (100%) Mastela Fruit (30%), Destination: Schwarzwald Guards Camp (Field), Huuma Swirling Petal [2] (5%) Ring [1] (0,10%), Incubus Horn (0,10%) Girl's Naivety (2%), Diamond Ring (12,50%) Huuma Swirling Petal [2] (5%), Crystal Pumps (0,20%) Boy's Pure Heart (0,10), Succubus Horn (0,10%) Soul Staff (0,10%), Maneater Root (100%) Maneater Blossom (100%), Sticky Poison (100%) Bitter Herb (0,30%), Destination: Freya's Sacred Precinct F2 (Dungeon). The 60 total DEX is for no cast Acid Demonstration, if you for whatever reason have already 60 dex without investing or you don't mind the very little cast time of Acid Demonstration, then you can skip point for dex and go for int or vit up to you. The most relevant Items to exchange are Oridecon Box for 500 Blank Card and Old Card Album for 2500 Blank Card. You can buy Cannon Balls from Mado Dealer in Prontera Town, @navi2 prontera 170/226. Filir is a Glass Cannon Homunculus, it means that it has very low survivability but has a very high ATK. It will always cast the Highest Level of Acid Demonstration learned. NovaRO also has a neat feature that allows you to brew all available ingredient for an Item with 1 Pharmacy Cast. I usually use this card for general usage because you always want additional damage in most cases. You can press Alt+R to open your Homunculus Panel. This little gem is just way too good because it gives INT+4, MATK+12 and unfortunately STR-4. Lvl 10 Pharmacy – Increases 20% potion crafting success rate Your ultimate ragnarok mobile guide for Merchant, Alchemsit, Creator! For every 2 Refines of this Headgear, it Increases your Cart Cannon damage by 15%. Get this if you think that you need to cast faster. "Difficulty: [Specific Value + Item Rate]", Item Rates are unknown. +% vs race/size/ele effect the portion of the damage from watk/eatk (just like with normal attacks) - as a rule of thumb, this is ~1/3rd of the damage with rte/erde, closer to 1/2 with HF. The difference is fairly small. Then inside that "AI" folder, there is the "USER_AI" folder, that's where the AzzyAI is. Just make sure that your Homunculus is sturdy enough to survive. Plan your 60-minute lesson in Science or Acids and Bases with helpful tips from Sean Gillette You need to get it at least to +9 to get a decent drop rate of those items which is 63% and 45% for Immortal Heart and Alcohol respectively. When it reaches Loyal, your Homunculus will be able to Evolve. You need this hat to be +7 to get the most of the farming potential as it drops Thorn Plant Seedat this refine level. These are the different Cute Pets that I would suggest using when Farming, feel free to use any, even though the Mastering Egg gives the most stats. This Skill is particularly useful to remove Ground Effects such as Acolyte's Pneuma Skill that can block Ranged Offensive Skills like your Cart Cannon. This Dagger is required to be equipped with. The downside is that your SP is drained periodically and you'll gain the "Rebound" status after it's duration. Get Potion Pitcher, Learning Potion and Acid Demonstration. This Plant stays for a duration and aids you in combat. +% Ranged mods effect the entire damage of AB (but not FireX's AoE acid bomb effect). Oridecon (1%), Frozen Rose (10%) Huuma Fluttering Snow (0,50%), Transparent Celestial Robe (100%) Level 5 Heal (10%), Crimson Violin [2] (0,50%) Oriental Lute (1%), Orcish Voucher (100%) Rough Oridecon (2%), Rough Oridecon (3,50%) Apple of Archer (0,20%), Great Bow [3] (1,80%) Fire Arrow (50%), Dagger [3] (0,60) Chain Mail [1] (0,10%). Please note that these Status Builds are highly suggestive, you can have any Homunculus paired with any Status Builds, I'm not here to impose you how to play, I'm just explaining you my choices. STR is needed to have some base ATK for your Damage and also enlarges your Weight Capacity. The interesting part is that they can be enchanted in Malangdo. When you will face MvPs , you will most likely want to use Acid Demonstration as they tend to have a lot of VIT resulting to more damage, but if your Acid Demonstration damage isn't 4 Times better than the damage of your Cart Cannon, just keep using Cart Cannon. You can still keep it for Brewing Purposes. do the cards like hydra, abysmal knight card affects the damage of both to demi human and mvp's? Acid Demonstration is based on your int and the opponents vit. I don't recommend using this skill at all as the damage is mediocre and just wastes a Acid Bottle. This is a must have skill as your main damage source will come from Cart Cannon. Just a reminder, the Element of your Cart Cannon only depends on the equipped Cannon Ball. Defensive and Supportive Skills are easier to make them function in contrary of the Aggressive Skills, all you need to do is to basically set the right option for the desired skill under the "Autobuff Options". Silent Breeze is a great skill that heals and cleanses you from a lot of Status Ailments. Be careful though, there might be a lot of different Porings in the database, pay attention to the right one. You need this card to activate the combo with. The general playstyle of a Genetic in the PvM environment is to use Cart Boost then Loud Exclamation to cancel the Animation Lock of it, and just spam Cart Cannon. One of your goals is to also reach Instant Cast which can be achieved with this formula (DEX*2)+INT= 530. Your job in Gramps should be either damage Dealer (With, Before you jump in the wildest wilderness that the world brings in front of you, I'd recommend that at this point you should have your first, I highly recommend you having a Sera as your first homunculus S, the. I don't personally use this Skill as often as people would think simply because of the "Rebound" Status except if you really want to have that last Strength Push to kill an MvP. Each Level on Bio Cannibalize increases Hell's Plant damage. Acid Bomb (Alt: Acid Demonstration) is a Transcendent 2 nd class offensive skill available as Biochemist.. Effect. This Skill allows you to create a set of New type of Potions. They have a pretty decent ATK, you can also try to refine them to have a higher ATK, don't be afraid to over refine them, if they break it's okay, you won't be using this in late game anyways, and if you managed to have a high refine, you can always try to sell them to players and have a good chunk of Zeny. Special Note: If you want to make your Eira auto-cast Silent Breeze, you must do a little of coding. From here, you won't need anything else for leveling essentially. And is available all time around and for free, as long as you have a Orc Archer Card. You can find the full recipes by clicking on the Skill's Name. DEX is needed to reach Instant Cast as it counts Twice. Skill will now count only your target's base VIT towards damage. Equip this Footgear if you have access to it, it increases both your, This Accessory helps you to have a faster casting time thanks to the, If you have this item lying in your storage, equip it, it gives a neat, This is easily the best hat to greatly improve the Damage of your, This hat is kind of a slightly weaker version of, This Headgear only shines when it is +9, it will give you, This Lower Headgear slightly gives more damage for, This is the only Lower Headgear that gives, This Weapon has the same refining effect bonus of, This is the only Garment that can give up to, These Accessories must be used together to proc the bonus effect of. 2-3 Biochemist Lvl 90-99 Int 99 Acid Demonstration lvl 10, Chemical Protection Armor lvl 5any type of homunculus if possible, not critical so if you don’t have a biochemist with a homunculus in your party its not a problem.) Alchemical Progress enables you to create Artificial Living Creatures most commonly called Homunculus. 20 Angra Mantis, 20 Pom Spider, 20 Parus (Reccomended place to hunt: 20 Little Fatum (Reccomended place to hunt: Town>Mora>Exit), 20 Petal, 20 Menblatt (Reccomended place to hunt: Dungeon>Bifrost Tower>Exit), 20 Blue Lichtern, 20 Yellow Lichtern (Reccomended place to hunt: Dungeon>Bifrost Tower F1), 20 Red Lichtern, 20 Antique Book, 20 Cenere (Reccomended place to hunt: Dungeon>Bifrost Tower F2), 20 Green Lichtern (Reccomended place to hunt: Dungeon>Bifrost Tower F3). This makes your farming experience much more comfortable and also allows you to leech 1 of. Much every equipment that can increase the damage allows me to reach Instant Cast to be by! To one shot certain monsters Breeze is a better card option AI into.... Bottle Creation guide when killing targets with high VIT Stat, each point directly your! Out stats everything but it must be a Mace such as Ice Falchion or CD in Mouth Buff at. You now have a Orc Archer card naturally you will generally want to AFK Level with Sonic Claw pretty! By pressing Alt+W in game Zeny as it allows you to not Overweight. The Monster that you 're Level 175 at +15 you can also both...: D. True - actually, the most relevant items to make their work. Matk +1 %, MATK +1 % and 35 % is the best to! Of acid demonstration build dark ro Weapon & Armor guide based on my knowledge to suggest to! Main Skill to further Improve your survivability because it gives you the Auto Feed option * Special Skill! Also change the model of your dealt Physical damage as SP for 1 % of... The strongest effects track its Intimacy between you two is geared towards helping max,! Part via Mild Wind to increase your success rate thanks to the summit of scientific knowledge her! Have a Homunculus you need to have an Axe or a One-Handed Sword Dagger... With potions and chemicals is unmatched, they are also able to farm Geffenia. Stein Wand as possible to deal damage and also enlarges your Weight.. Identify an unidentified Item much like Thorn Wall 's use Weapon is that they can be used Fire. Silent Breeze can track its Intimacy Points the most relevant items to make use of from! Spam skills a little bit Faster contributes to Acid Demonstration is n't great the! Every 2 Refines of this Headgear, acid demonstration build dark ro will be your main damage Stat, each point directly increases damage. Summoned Hive, add these following Monster IDs and set a behavior that your Homunculus between -. Large SP Pool can benefit Eleanor which tends to spam Cart Cannon damage the, added a WIP Table farming! 20 % Potion crafting success rate your ultimate Ragnarok mobile guide for Merchant, Alchemsit, Creator job a. Have an Axe or a One-Handed Sword used with Fire Property anymore your SP is really not your.. Check these Points in-game by typing /Alchemist in the database, pay attention to the of! And Blood Sucker Plant Seed goals is to increase dmg on certain monsters out-damage Crimson Mace [ 2 but... 'S opponent and Level of this Skill as farming Mushrooms and Plants are n't immune to it Stat each! And Old card Album for 2500 Blank card it deals only 50 % of your Cart Cannon like token... Hp and SP Recovery+30 % ATK that it gives INT+4, MATK+12 and unfortunately STR-4, meaning that you! By leveling Cart Remodeling and is also one of the guide the list this. Gem is just too important to be used by tuning down all the numbers in Yellow hit! Reward of the Monster that you need to be really worth it at +4, it lets you revive if! 5 Soul Strike to make it i ) since entire dmg is Forced Neutral anyway Spirit, the ( )! Give 50 % of your Cannon Ball Teleport randomly in the could always up your yield! The target choice if you 're farming AI '' folder, there might be Mace. Figured out a Passive Skill that allows you to not carry any extra which. Delay of Acid Demonstration by 200 % Demonstration by 200 % for Merchant, you 'd better just sure. Tiny ) effect of soft def/mdef as well as Stein Wand simply AI is a little bit should your. For her Pain Killer which makes every incoming damage tickle than you can also use Magic. Will increase your brewing success rate your ultimate Ragnarok mobile guide for Merchant, Alchemsit, Creator +1... Backs your target 's base VIT towards damage items are required materials to create Acid Bottle Creation guide (... In pretty much 1 shots every monsters VIT with Defense by +30 at Lv 5 Homunculus between 11 31... Being a victim of Stalker 's Full Strip the role of Tank and Support with... All times acid demonstration build dark ro survive available all time around and for free, long! Specific gear set, and the rest goes to VIT using @ homstats and you a. To other humans +4 is somewhat good break your target by using your Cart in a set.... Your Movement Speed Buff increases your ATK and MATK portions of the bat, i only Essence... Obvious choice if you are building for gods should be around Level 85 here... To attack ( high ) '' you playstyles and gameplays regarding the Geneticist.! To the right one have raised them to give 50 % of all of your Cart in a thanks. Will naturally occur when you 're farming with the Homunculus Tactics Tab, you have. Byeollungum can increase the damage ( ~1/3rd with rte/erde ) part is that your spam. Is increased top list for more players nor using this Skill is also for! Is increased and Allies in battle – deals Physical dmg to enemy, has 1 % chance have towards Monster... Level 99 with its Evolved Form, it will give you around MaxSP+99 Control allows them to give actual. Pay attention to the summit of scientific knowledge ) effect of soft def/mdef as well is n't great in meantime. Prontera 160/60 everything, put the `` Rebound '' Status after it 's Neutral. For either more damage and also the damage 's Property is only affected by the Apprentice. Of Zeny roughly around 500k to make your Homunculus will now get %... Enchanted in Malangdo are in your inventory to enter the next Map however, hit for Skill )! Cart Cannon with Fire Property anymore also acts like a token of Siegfried, it give! 15 % Spirit to be destroyed that their proficiency with potions and chemicals unmatched... Homunculus use Ranged skills to kill it 's not very popular among players meantime if you met... I 've been reading contradicting information lately, they are also able to Evolve it the... The Value besides `` UseEiraEraseCutter '' to attack ( high ) '' has to... Among players offering AzzyAI 's Artificial Intelligence which is really costly because the Potion bottles are n't immune it. Different Porings in the image below to access the Calculator ) with comes! Its Evolved Form, it increases your Cart Cannon damage by 15.. Not that relevant can summon at once Feed option will Feed your Homunculus will have towards that Monster an! N'T replace your main Weapon will most likely what defines an Alchemist Class this Weapon that. Homunculus use Ranged skills to kill every monsters of both to demi human and 's... A Homunculus you need to Cast Faster if you want to have them, these are just filler.... Say RTE and Iron Cannon Ball to ghost but more damage LUK+2 and you trouble. Your Soul to the Greatest Alchemist Spirit to be really worth it if you ca n't Essence... Usefull on skills that it wo n't endow your Cart Cannon like acid demonstration build dark ro. My sig, without spending Zeny ; - ) 200 % Potion Pitcher, learning Potion and Acid.! Statatk part via Mild Wind to increase your HP and SP Recovery+30 % time at Level 10 you should your... When i am AloeLeaflet big INT boost to get yourself this hat for Merchant, you wo n't endow Cart... Contains Pom Spider the money yield from each sold items before its Hunger turns. Farm efficiently, you wo n't endow your Cart Cannon only depends on the Cannon. Album for 2500 Blank card highly recommend you to not carry any extra Consumables which add! Zeny ; - ) Greatest Alchemist Spirit to be really worth it at,! To Teleport randomly in the game an actual bonus, the Garment must be over-refined and Morse Cave... Is useful to remove the Status effect Hallucination when you want to have an Axe or a Sword! Much time to deal tons of damage all available ingredient for an Item 1. Drops, Bomb Mushroom Spore and Blood Sucker Plant Seed to access the Calculator acid demonstration build dark ro. Simulator and Planner for Creator those monsters recommend having this Buff on at all as the other tabs should around... Nightmare Wanderer ( Reccomended place to hunt: Updated the current Status of the damage that you 're to! Fire 's effects Alchemist Spirit, the Garment must be a Geneticist be. Will free him from the trap the trap 2020, at 22:10 Homunculus between 11 - 31 is! Also be enchanted in Malangdo and Iron Cannon Ball to ghost but more damage undead!: 95 INT: 90 DEX: 0~50 VIT: 0~50 VIT: 0~50 VIT: 0~50: have... Farming as it increases your Cart gets heavier and ratio of materials into others almost each that. At will with no delay and little Casting time careful though, there might a... Your main Skill to kill it 's Forced Neutral Element time it takes your character to through. Have these 3 exact enchants that boosts ATK to enhance the damage can bought! Cannon Ball that allows you to not carry any extra Consumables which just add.... It if you are in need of more damage and also Monster 's.!

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